I can’t really go back as far as I would like too and tell you exactly where my art interest and journey began but I can say some of our life choices prepare you for where you’re going and what you will experience later on in life good or bad.

Fortunately I could stretch out my timeline far enough to remember spending time at the Oakland Museum during the weekend and all of the amazing paintings in their upper gallery which was really my first introduction to fine art. I knew nothing of art styles or movements then but can tell you it had everything. I think it was even in the chronological order. There were historical portraits, classic art, folk art, animals, nudity, sculptures, pop art, primitive drawings and just endless rows of anything you could imagine still keeping in mind I was taking this all in still from a child’s perspective. The experience was a passing engagement but would definitely fuel the fire underneath me that I would later fine tune with painting skills as an adult. Oddly, the only artist I identified with during this time was a fictional artist J.J. from the “Good Times” TV series. Yeah, I was definitely “A Too Much TV Kid” and have no regrets about being one. Those old commercials, TV spots, cartoons, sitcoms and movies I will latter recall and incorporate into my art as backdrops or themes.

My trial by fire “Rising Phoenix” moment came as an adult with years of substance abuse, rehab stints and healing. When I finally made a firm decision to be released from the disease of addiction, the recovery process started opening doors. I didn’t know at the time how my sobriety would become a staple of my paintings incorporating it into recyclable / repurposed art

In 2015, art for me wasn’t a hobby anymore. Sketchbooks and stretch canvases wasn’t the materials I wanted to use if I was serious and committed towards speaking my truth through art. I was drawn towards materials that were abandoned, used, worn or weathered that would of been lost or found landfills. I found old rusty lockers, broken steamer trunks, dirty fence boards, bent corrugated metal and burnt baking sheets and turned “Trash to Treasure” through grinding, sanding, washing, drilling, bending, painting and polishing. My recycled/repurposed art truly is a metaphor for evolving from addiction and Flight of the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. My paintings, 2D/3D work reflect a personal journey of setbacks and growth incorporating Pop Art, Popular Events, Subculture Content, Jazz, Blues & Hip Hop that carries an array of emotions but always has a direct message

I choose the name Iconic Vinyl Art for this reason:

  • ICONIC – The heroes/leaders that inspire me
  • VINYL – The music I love and molded me
  • ART – The creative outlet that centers me and holds me accountable for my actions

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